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Lionbridge provides high-quality data
for machine learning at scale

1,000,000+ Contributors

300+ Languages

20+ Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience as a trusted training data source, Lionbridge AI helps businesses large and small build, test and improve machine learning models. Our community of qualified contributors is located across the globe and available 24/7, providing access to a huge volume of data across all languages and file types.


Try the all-in-one data annotation platform
for text, audio, images & video
Try the all-in-one data annotation platform
for text, audio, images & video

Automatic job distribution

Our advanced crowd system allows projects to be automatically distributed to qualified contributors to begin work immediately.

Advanced quality check system

Our established quality assurance system includes built-in validation, worker spot- checking and a worker seniority system to ensure high-quality data.

Streamlined platform 
and communications

Our innovative and fully-automated platform offers seamless project and crowd management to provide cost-effective pricing and uncomplicated interactions for on-time delivery.


Flexible solutions for all your data needs

From on-site to on-demand, we can customize our process to fulfil your specialist requirements.

Order multilingual data in 300+ languages

Typical crowdsourcing companies generally don’t support languages other than English at scale. Lionbridge has native speakers of 300+ languages working around the clock so you can get multilingual training data for machine learning, fast.


Enjoy friction-free ordering

Three simple ways to get high-quality data

Account Manager

Send your file to one of our personal account managers.

API Integration

Link directly with our API for high-volume data and a seamless tech approach.

Custom Solutions

… Or tell us your requirements and we’ll create the data from scratch to suit your specific business needs.


Learn how our clients use Lionbridge

“We used several internal tools to assess the quality of what Lionbridge provided, and the results were very good. We have confidence that we could potentially use the data for critical deep-learning projects.”

Zachary Yocum
Senior Linguistic Data Engineer,
Basis Technology

“We were impressed by Lionbridge’s language capabilities and their flexible approach to data annotation. They provided us with a high level of support and were eager to align with our project requirements.”

Deb Goswami, PhD
Data Science Lead,

“Many underestimate the technical infrastructure and operational excellence needed to get such high quality training data. Services like Lionbridge AI are great for engineering teams who need data fast and at scale.”

Dr. Rasmus Rothe,
PhD (Computer Vision)
Founder, Merantix


Source specialists from our global network of
1,000,000+ qualified contributors

Whatever your requirements, the people you need are in our network.

Whatever your requirements, the people you need are in our network.

34, is a mother of two based in Sulawesi, Indonesia. As a member of our impact sourcing program, she has 2 years of experience in bounding box and polygon annotation across a variety of projects.

28, works as a computational linguist on complex development projects. He’s a French native with a PhD in natural language processing and a valued member of our European solutions team.

26, both supplement their income through English to Latin American Spanish translation work on our platform. They are also entity annotation specialists available for on-site annotation projects across the West Coast.

48, has over 20 years of experience working in financial institutions across Asia. Now based in Shanghai, he works with us in an advisory capacity on projects in English, Mandarin, and his native Cantonese.

36, spent a decade at a large law firm in London before deciding to start her own practice. She now works closely with us on large-scale projects which require a deep understanding of European law.