Replika AI has created a platform where anyone, including people with zero knowledge of machine learning, can create and train a chatbot of their own.
This guide is meant to serve as an overview of sentiment analysis: the fundamentals, various types of sentiment classification, how it works, as well as applications and challenges in the field.
All of the data that we generate via e-mails, word documents, PDF files, and text messages are written in natural language, but this data isn’t typically stored in a structured format. Text mining is the process that we use to draw insights and patterns from that unstructured data.
Research scientists and engineers at Google AI are developing Parrotron to help those with speech impairments communicate with humans and ASR systems. 
Moderating content is a complex task that goes far beyond the controversial work of vetting violent or extremist content. In this article, we talk about what content moderation involves and introduce a range of different ways that content is processed and filtered.
Introducing the best software vendors that specialize in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.
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