This article is an exploration of GPT-2 from Open AI and the results are astounding. GPT-2’s potential shown in this article brings rise to questions around the ethics of using such technology.
Working with crowdsourced data vendors unlocks access to an inexpensive, scalable workforce. In this post, we describe key benefits of crowdsourcing data.
How do you find the best named entity recognition tools for your project? This post lists entity annotation services to meet a variety of project needs.
This article will explain the types of annotation services, how to ensure good data annotation quality, and tips to help minimize annotation costs. 
The Youtube videos on this list cover concepts such as what machine learning is, the basics of natural language processing, how computer vision works, and machine learning in video games. 
This beginners guide explains what facial recognition is, how it works, its various applications, and how accurate it is today. 
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