12 Best Content Moderation Companies to Protect and Improve Your Bottom Line

Article by Rei Morikawa | April 25, 2019

What is content moderation?

Content moderation is actually a basic data labeling task. The moderators label (flag) data that does not meet their guidelines. This data can be in any form, such as social media posts, comments, profile pictures, videos, or audio clips.

The role of content moderators is to constantly screen, monitor, and approve content in compliance with a company’s guidelines. Content moderation is important for businesses to protect their online brand image and reputation. It’s important to be aware of what people are saying about your business on the web, and to address negative and sensitive content quickly.


Content Moderation Companies

  • Besedo: All-in-one automation tool for managing user-generated content in marketplaces.
  • Lionbridge AI: Lionbridge AI has a team of 500,000 qualified contributors that work around the clock according to the customer’s specific guidelines and objectives, to ensure compliance with your company policies and legal standards.
  • Community Sift: Risk-based content filter and moderation engine to protect your community and your bottom line.
  • OneSpace: Moderate user-generated images, videos and comments to ensure they abide by your brand guidelines and terms of service. OneSpace’s content moderators flag submitted media that could tarnish your company’s reputation.
  • Europe IT Outsourcing: Europe IT Outsourcing is an online marketing company that also provides content moderation services.
  • ICUC.Social: ICUC.Social monitors social conversations and engage with customer service queries and complaints. The social media content moderation services are available in 30+ languages and supports most major social networks.
  • LiveWorld: LiveWorld provides multilingual social media content moderation services. Their moderators work around the clock, using local language and native culture to understand nuances and meaning within customer conversations.
  • Magellan Solutions: Human-powered content moderations services for web and social media.
  • Pure Moderation: Pure Moderation is a company that provides data entry BPO and focuses on content moderation services including brand moderation, image moderation, video moderation, social moderation.
  • XModerator: Automatic image and content moderation with human accuracy.
  • Netino: Make sure that your digital places are safe with verified UGC (social media, website, forums, customer reviews, product sheets, etc.)
  • Computyne: Computyne provides secure end-to-end data entry, data processing, virtual assistant, web scraping and other data services.


If you’re looking for content moderation services, contact Lionbridge AI now. We leverage our team of 500,000 experts around the world to maintain the brand images of our customers.


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