The Best Facebook Groups for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science

Article by Rei Morikawa | May 10, 2019

Here are the best active Facebook groups about AI, machine learning, and deep learning, with new resources and discussions posted daily. Join these groups today to connect with data scientists in an active community where people answer questions, have discussions and share machine learning news articles. These groups are encouraging to both newbies and professionals, and the members include data scientists, PhDs, R&D engineers and scientists.


Facebook Groups for AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

  • Machine Learning: This Facebook group is focused on machine learning, but also includes posts and discussion about artificial intelligence, computer programming, statistics, and other topics related to machine learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning: This Facebook group was created for data scientists, investors, and researchers to discuss the latest advances in artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies.
  • Data Science World: Data Science World was created for sharing data management-related material in the fields of data science, big data, data warehousing, data mining, business intelligence, and more.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: This Facebook group is for AI and machine learning beginners. The group covers the basic, core concepts of AI and machine learning. Members share their knowledge, experience, and resources together.
  • Data Mining / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence: This Facebook group is for AI enthusiasts with common interests in data mining and machine learning. AI and related disciplines have grown tremendously in recent years, and we are likely to create even more powerful AI systems in the near future. This group shares knowledge and data so that we can all understand the implications of AI in society. The group members are not limited to those with a science background. Everyone is welcome!
  • Data Science with R: This is a Facebook group of data scientists specialized in R and python. The group discussion is mainly about machine learning, deep learning, R, and python.
  • Data Science Beginners: This Facebook group was created for beginners looking to start their careers in data science, or data science professionals who wish to contribute back to the community. The group discussion is centered around questions, data science news articles, and career advice.
  • Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining & Statistics: This is a diverse Facebook group of people with different backgrounds and skill levels. This Facebook group also has threads for online courses and data science books.
  • Math for Data Science (Python, R, SQL, Excel, Latex): The aim of this Facebook group is to become a hub of learning resources about data science, machine learning, deep learning, and the underlying math.


If you’re looking for more social communities around AI and machine learning, we’d also recommend following these AI influencers on Instagram and joining these LinkedIn groups for data scientists.

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