How Google is Leading the Quest for Data with Google Dataset Search

Article by Limarc Ambalina | June 20, 2019

For researchers and developers in the artificial intelligence industry, the demand for high-quality AI training data only seems to be increasing. Despite this increasing demand, one of the biggest challenges that ML developers face is the search for quality data to train their algorithms. While the demand grows, companies and private organizations seem to be guarding their data more seriously.

Even open data from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are difficult to collect. Custom-built APIs are often required just to scrape the data from these platforms. With the goal of creating easier access to open data for researchers, developers, journalists, and general enthusiasts, Google Dataset Search was launched late last year. When the company that made the world’s largest search engine creates a search engine specifically for datasets, it’s bound to get AI developers and machine learning researchers excited.

How Google is Leading the Quest for Data with Google Dataset Search - Interface


What is Google Dataset Search?

As the name implies, Google Dataset Search is a search engine specifically for finding datasets. With their dataset search engine similar to Google Scholar, the company aims to improve worldwide access to open data. The search engine is free to use and is available in multiple languages, with more language options to be added in the future.


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The Interface

While Google Dataset Search is still in beta, the search engine UX is well-developed, providing a succinct overview of each indexed dataset. If the details are available for the dataset, Google Dataset Search displays the following information:

  • Area/geolocale covered
  • File formats
  • Author(s)
  • License information
  • Creation date
  • Providing company or facility
  • Dataset description
  • Time period covered
  • Date of most recent update
  • Variables measured


How do you make your dataset available on Google Dataset Search?

Google Dataset Search crawls and indexes datasets from websites and repositories online just as its corpus search engine does. If you want your dataset to be crawled and indexed properly, you must follow the Dataset Markup or one of the other data structure methods described in the dataset developer info.

To learn more about Google Dataset Search, check out the FAQ thread in the community help page.


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