How Lionbridge Provides Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

Article by Limarc Ambalina | September 03, 2019

Autonomous vehicle development is one of the fastest-growing fields of machine learning. With companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla leading the market, the field is also one of the most competitive fields in AI. To help your self-driving vehicle become a key player in the industry, any edge you can find over your competition is crucial. The edge Lionbridge offers is the outsourcing and scalability of image annotation, so that you can focus on the bigger picture. 

At Lionbridge, we don’t make autonomous vehicles, we simply help you make your autonomous vehicles better. You build and code, while we provide you with the AI training data you need to train your models. For autonomous vehicles and other computer vision models, Lionbridge provides various image and video annotation services


  1. Image and Video Annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles
      1. 2D bounding boxes for object detection
      2. 3D bounding boxes / cuboids for object recognition
      3. Lines and splines for lane recognition
      4. Semantic segmentation for scene understanding
      5. Other in-demand image annotation services
  2. Safety and Security
      1. Remote staff
      2. Temporary on-site staff
  3. Free Consultation


Image and Video Annotation Services for Autonomous Vehicles

Lionbridge’s image annotation platform

With our constantly-expanding platform and image annotation tools, our crowd of curated annotators can provide various image annotation services. For autonomous vehicles, drones, and other computer vision solutions, our large expert crowd can complete annotation projects both large and small with a quick turnaround time. 


How Lionbridge Provides Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles - bounding boxes

2D Bounding Boxes for Object Detection

Improve object detection in autonomous vehicles with precise 2D bounding box annotation services. Feed your computer vision models with bounding-box-annotated traffic images to help your autonomous vehicle distinguish entities like pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles in real-time.


How Lionbridge Provides Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles - 3d bounding boxes / cuboids

3D Bounding Boxes / Cuboids for Object Recognition

Annotate your training images with 3D Bounding Boxes / Cuboids to depict length, width, and approximate depth of target objects.


An Introduction to 5 Types of Image Annotation - Lines and Splines

Lines and Splines for Lane Recognition

Annotate road lanes, shoulder lanes, and sidewalks for boundary and lane recognition in autonomous vehicles.


How Lionbridge Provides Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles - Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation for Scene Understanding

Associate every pixel in an entire image with a class label. Segment traffic images into important categories i.e. road, street lamp, pedestrian, vehicle, building, sky, etc. to aid in scene understanding. 


Other In-demand Image Annotation Services We Provide:

  • Image Classification / Image Categorization
  • Landmark Annotation
  • Pixel-precise / Pixel-wise Segmentation
  • Polygons

Don’t see the service you require? At Lionbridge, we are constantly expanding our platform to provide the services autonomous vehicle developers need. Tell us about the service you require and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 


Safety and Security

How Lionbridge Provides Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles - safety and security

At Lionbridge, we take data security very seriously. Depending on the needs of your project and the sensitivity of your content, we can provide custom workflows with varying levels of security protocols. 

Remote Staff

We have a large, vetted, and trained crowd of 500,000+ staff ready to work on your image annotation project. Every member of our SmartCrowd™ signs an NDA when hired by Lionbridge. If your project has stricter security requirements, we can work with you to draft a custom NDA.

Temporary On-site Staff

Depending on your office location, Lionbridge can provide on-site staff for image annotation. If your project has specific needs that can’t be met with remote staff, our dedicated on-site staffing solution may be the best option for your project. 


Free Consultation 

We take a client-focused approach to creating training data. Our sales team will first make sure we thoroughly understand your needs, budget, and business model before creating the perfect solution for your project. 

Once we understand your goals, needs, and standards of quality, we execute a small trial cycle. This trial cycle is done as a proof of concept to make sure our data production, quality assurance, and deliverables meet your standards before we get to work on the entirety of your project.



While this article focuses on Lionbridge’s image and video annotation services for autonomous vehicles, we also provide image annotation services for other areas of machine learning. Learn more about how Lionbridge can help your project be an industry-leading success.

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