How Lionbridge’s Image Annotation Services Help Developers Build Better Video Games

Article by Limarc Ambalina | September 06, 2019

Helping you build better games

Gaming is one of the world’s fastest growing industries. Lionbridge AI is pleased to offer image annotation services for video game development, helping devs craft the best possible gaming experiences for players around the world. Lionbridge provides industry-leading AI training data services for augmented reality (AR) games, mixed reality (MR) games, virtual reality (VR) games, and more. 

Our Image Annotation Platform


Offload your video game image annotation tasks to Lionbridge and let us provide the ground truth for your algorithm under your strict requirements.

Services Index

    1. Geo-Local data services for map-based games
    2. Image Annotation for AR Games and MR Games
      1. Image Annotation for Object Recognition
      2. Image Classification for Scene Recognition
      3. Landmark Annotation for Facial Recognition and Movement Prediction
    3. Other AR, MR, and VR Video Game Training Data Services
    4. Why use Lionbridge?


Geo-Local Services for Map-based Games

How Lionbridge's Image Annotation Services Help Developers Build Better Video Games - Pokemon Go
Screenshots from Pokemon Go

Numerous AR games utilize the GPS function of mobile devices in order to track player movement in the real world. Depending on the scale and scope of the game, sometimes detailed landmark information is required. Lionbridge provides a variety of Geo-Local data services for AR video game development. 

With a multilingual and multicultural crowd and staff located all over the world, Lionbridge can provide accurate geo-local data at scale and in your preferred language

Video Game Image Annotation Services - Geo-Local Data


Image Annotation Services for Augmented Reality Games and Mixed Reality Games

For object detection, face tracking, scene prediction, and everything above and beyond, Lionbridge provides some of the world’s largest companies with image annotation services


Image Annotation for Object Recognition 

Need your game or app to identify certain objects in the real world? We provide 2D bounding boxes, 3D cuboids, polygons, and image classification for object recognition. Lionbridge can source images, annotate, and prepare image data for the objects or scenes you require in the annotation method of your choice. Leveraging our large crowd, we can source images from almost anywhere in the world. 

Games like Young Conker on the Microsoft HoloLens utilize surface and object detection to allow the game to adapt to whatever room it is played in. The main character, Conker, will move and jump around the room interacting with the walls and furniture. 

Apps like the Diet Camera utilize object recognition processes to identify foods and beverages before giving the user a calorie count and logging the items in the user’s food diary.


Image Classification for Scene Recognition

Some games and applications require scene recognition as well as object recognition. With our large crowd and workers located all over the world, Lionbridge can collect multiple images of various scenes or settings you require your algorithm to recognize: living room, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, park, swimming pool, etc. Use our video game image classification services to source and classify images into the categories you require


Landmark Annotation for Facial Recognition

Video Game Image Annotation Services - Landmark

Lionbridge AI provides landmark annotation, also known as keypoint annotation, for facial recognition and movement prediction in AR games and mobile apps. Numerous augmented reality games and apps require computer vision models that can accurately recognize and track faces and facial expressions. Lionbridge AI can source and annotate face images of varying demographics with the necessary keypoints to aid in facial tracking and emotion detection.

We can also provide landmark annotation on full-body photos for body part labeling and movement prediction



Other Video Game Training Data Services

Looking for other AR, MR, or VR training data or validation services? At Lionbridge, we are constantly building new platforms and expanding our existing platforms to provide the data creation and data annotation services that video game developers need.

Contact us with the service you require and we’ll work with you to build a project workflow and timeline that matches your requirements.


Why use Lionbridge?

QualityCustomizable WorkflowsScalability
Thanks to our rigorous, multi-tiered testing system, Lionbridge only offers positions to the top 3% of our tens of thousands of yearly applicants. Once accepted, our workers undergo regular performance evaluations to ensure we have the best people working on your project. Need things done in a specific way and under strict guidelines? We can work with you to create a tailored execution plan, ensuring our team of experts gets your project done under your requirements and within your timeline. With crowdsourced image annotation and a streamlined project management platform, we can handle projects of varying complexity and at scale


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