Improve Computer Vision in Drones using Image Annotation

Article by Limarc Ambalina | September 10, 2019

Within the field of autonomous vehicles, drones are currently one of the hottest topics in computer vision. With great potential to revolutionize the transportation and delivery industries, companies like Amazon are seriously investing in the research and development of drone technology

Amazon’s PrimeAir Delivery Drone

At Lionbridge, we help AI engineers power computer vision in drones with high-quality aerial imagery and image annotation services. We are your trusted supplier of AI training data, helping you create the innovative drone tech of tomorrow. To help drones accurately detect objects on the ground, avoid collision with objects in their flight path, recognize landing zones, and more, we provide a wide array of image annotation services for drones and aerial imagery. 


  1. Image and Video Annotation Services for Drones
    1. Proprietary Platform
    2. Types of Image Annotation
  2. Remote or On-site Services
  3. Free Consultation


Image and Video Annotation Services for Drones

Our Image Annotation Platform

Proprietary Platform

One of the best things about Lionbridge’s image annotation services is that we don’t charge any platform fees. Our crowd of annotators come pre-trained on our own proprietary platform, meaning none of your budget is wasted on training staff to use a separate service. Instead, we work with you to create a set of strict guidelines for our staff to follow, ensuring a high standard of quality.


Types of Image Annotation

On our constantly-expanding platform, our crowd of expert annotators can provide various image and video annotation services catered specifically to aerial imagery for drone development. Our large vetted crowd can complete image and video annotation projects both large and small with a quick turnaround time. 

2D Bounding Boxes for Object Tracking

Improve object tracking in drones with precise 2D bounding box annotation services on aerial images.


3D Bounding Boxes / Cuboids for Object Recognition

Annotate your aerial images with 3D Bounding Boxes/Cuboids to depict length, width, and approximate depth in objects of interest.

Lines and Splines for Path and Trajectory Planning

Annotate power lines, road lanes, shoulder lanes, sidewalks, and more for path planning and trajectory planning in drones.

An Introduction to 5 Types of Image Annotation - Lines and Splines

Semantic Segmentation for Obstacle Avoidance

Associate every pixel in aerial images with specific class labels. Teach drones to accurately identify and avoid obstacles in their flight path.  

Other Services We Provide:

  • Image Classification / Image Categorization
  • Landmark Annotation
  • Pixel-precise / Pixel-wise Segmentation
  • Polygons
  • Video Annotation


Secure Remote or On-site Services

At Lionbridge, we take data security very seriously. Whether it be remote or on-site staff, we have numerous protocols in place to ensure data security. 

Remote Staff

We have a global crowd of 500,000+ annotators ready to work on your project. While our workers are remote, every member of our SmartCrowd™ must sign an NDA when beginning employment with Lionbridge. If your project has strict security requirements, we can work with you to draft a custom NDA, so you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

Temporary On-site Staff

Depending on where you’re based, Lionbridge can also provide on-site staffing services. If your project has unique needs that can’t easily be met with our remote staffing solutions, our dedicated on-site staff may be the best option for your project. 


Free Consultation 

At Lionbridge we provide free consultations so that we can understand your business from the ground-up.  Our sales team will first ensure that we thoroughly understand your requirements, budget, and business model before crafting the ideal workflow for your project.

Once we understand your unique goals and quality standards, we execute a small trial cycle. This trial cycle is done as a proof of concept to make sure our data production, deliverables, and quality assurance meet your standards before we get to work on the entirety of your project. 


This article focuses on our image and video annotation services for drones, but Lionbridge also provides image annotation services for other areas of machine learning. 

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