77 Software Development Companies for Machine Learning

Article by Rei Morikawa | August 01, 2019

Software development is the process of programming and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Basically, software developers transform big data into an organized dataset for machine learning models, web and mobile applications, and more.

Software development companies can help you integrate AI solutions to your business, or create an innovative product that broadens the horizons of what is considered possible with today’s technology. Below is a list of the best software vendors that specialize in AI and machine learning technologies.


Software Development Companies for Blockchain

Blockchain is changing how we manage and protect our data, with secure peer-to-peer payments, immediate micro-transactions, immutable registers and self-executing smart contracts. These software development companies for blockchain will provide the knowledge and skills to help you build decentralized and tamperproof digital systems.

  • Accubits: Accubits is a blockchain development house. Its portfolio includes conversational tools, RPAs, CRMs, SIPS, real-time video and image analytics systems, and ALPR systems.
  • Achievion Solutions: Achievion Solutions is specialized in web and mobile application development, leveraging blockchain and AI technologies.
  • Neoteric: Software house specializing in cloud, APIs, web (especially diagrams & visualizations), AI and blockchain development.
  • Ongraph Technologies: OnGraph Technologies specializes in blockchain, web development, and custom software development.
  • Unicsoft: Unicsoft is an innovative technology boutique. Full cycle blockchain and AI product development.


Software Development Companies for Chatbots

A chatbot is any program that mimics real conversations. Chatbots can be embedded in a site or through a third-party messaging platform like Facebook Messenger of Slack. 60% of millennials have used chatbots when shopping, and 70% of them reported positive experiences. If you’re looking to build a chatbot to improve your customer service, these software development companies for chatbots can help you.

  • action.ai: action.ai solves the hardest part of building an intelligent chatbot: understanding users’ requests to enable human-like responses. The company’s Language as a Service (Laas) enables humans to have rich interactions with computer technology using just their everyday natural language.
  • BitBot Studios: Bitbot Studios builds chatbots for Facebook messenger, web, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Slack, SMS Skype, Kik, and more.
  • BotsCrew: BotsCrew designs and develops custom chatbots for law, e-commerce, travel, healthcare, real estate, and many other industries.
  • Chatbots.Studio: Chatbots.Studio is a conversational platform and chatbot development company.
  • Chatfuel: Chatfule is a bot platform for creating chatbots for Facebook.
  • elcanio: Elcanio’s major service lines include chatbot development, advanced data analytics solutions, and business automation solutions powered by computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing solutions.
  • Enterpri Software Solutions: Enterpri software solutions offers full-cycle software development outsourcing company providing chatbot development, mobile and web applications, and VR/AR development services for a wide range of industries.
  • Human Pixel Pty: Human Pixel Pty’s services include chatbot development, voice first development, and website development.
  • Jasoren: Jasoren is a US software development company building applications for virtual and augmented reality, conversational interfaces, and web and mobile platforms.
  • Kami AI: Kami is on a mission to build the next-generation AI conversational platform so virtual assistants and chatbots can engage in intuitive, human-like dialogue. The foundation for our technology is a combination of unique neural networks and machine learning algorithms, pivotal to taking this to the next level.
  • Master of Code: Master of Code is a conversational AI technology company that offers full scale design and development of integrated web, mobile and chatbot solutions.
  • MobileMonkey: MobileMonkey provides an easy-to-use Facebook Messenger chatbot tool for high-ROI marketing.
  • Starshot Software: Starshot software is a full-cycle software development outsourcing company providing chatbot, mobile and web applications, and VR/AR development services for a wide range of industries.
  • Stermedia: Stermedia is a software development company that provides custom mobile and web apps and machine learning, image processing, natural language processing, data mining, and big data services.
  • The Bot Platform: Platform for building bots for Facebook messenger.
  • Unibot: Unibot is a chatbots development company provides AI, web development, and custom software development services.


Software Development Companies for Machine Learning (A−H)

  • Affectiva: Affectiva is an emotion measurement technology company that grew out of MIT’s Media Lab. Affectiva has developed software to recognize human emotions based on facial cues or physiological responses.
  • Affle Enterprise: Affle’s enterprise platform helps offline companies go online through platform-based app development, enablement of O2O commerce, and through its customer data platform.
  • Ahex Technologies: Ahex Technologies is a certified software development agency. They are a provider of customized web applications, mobile applications, and e-business solutions across the globe.
  • Aivo: Aivo provides easy-to-use customer service solutions built with artificial intelligence.
  • ArStudioz: ArStudioz is a solution-oriented team that develops user-friendly mobile apps and software to help you increase engagement, transactions and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Azati: Atazi offers web & mobile development, application design, and front-end work.
  • Azilen Technologies: Azilen Technologies is a product engineering company that specializes in AI, IoT development and enterprise app modernization. They work primarily with small business and mid-market clients, mainly in the IT industry.
  • Azumo: Azumo is one of the fastest growing software development services companies in the U.S. They focus on building intelligent web, cloud, data and mobile applications for our customers.
  • Basis Technology: Basis Technology is a software company specializing in applying artificial intelligence techniques to understanding documents and unstructured data written in different languages. It has headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., London, and Tokyo.
  • Cedex Technologies: Cedex Technologies is a software development company specializing in artificial intelligence, web development, and custom software development. They primarily serve clients in e-commerce, real estate, business, IT, and consumer products.
  • Chapter247: Chapter247 is a full-service software development agency, offering custom software development, web development, e-commerce development, and mobile app development.
  • Clover Infotech: Clover Infotech provides comprehensive IT services and solutions provider that digitally transforms business operations, enhances customer engagement and augments operational efficiency for its customers all over the world.
  • Codete: Codete is an IT consulting and software development company for digital business.
  • Codezeros: Codezeros is a software development company that exclusively works on unique ideas in the emerging technology sector, facilitated by continuous learning, for people looking to put their concepts in real-world application in an era of IT firms with archaic methodologies and stagnant systems of working.
  • E2logy: E2Logy specializes in custom software development, AI, and web development. They work primarily with small business and mid-market clients in the entertainment, business services and consumer products and services industries.
  • ELEKS: ELEKS provides enterprise software development, tech consulting, and full-cycle software engineering outsourcing services, from ideation to finished products.
  • Evergreen: Evergreen offers business solutions developer for artificial intelligence-based IT products.
  • hedgehog lab: Hedgehog lab is a global software consultancy of 200+ that specializes in multi-platform software and device innovation. Headquartered in London with six offices across three continents, their team architects, designs, and develops app solutions that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.
  • Hidden Brains: Hidden Brains is a global provider of IT consulting and Enterprise Solutions in India catering to various technology platforms across diverse industry domains worldwide from eLearning, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, energy & utilities, travel, transportation and hospitality.
  • Hipo: Hipo is a product development company headquartered in Toronto, specializing in mobile app development, web development, branding, and more. They help financial services, consumer products & service, and education industries.
  • HubSpire: HubSpire is a software development company focusing on custom mobile application development and web content management systems.


Software Development Companies for Machine Learning (I−P)

  • Icreon: Icreon is a software provider that specializes in custom software and web development.
  • InData Labs: InData Labs uses machine learning tools and algorithms to help companies develop AI-driven products and solutions.
  • Infopulse: Infopulse’s services include custom software development, web development, IT strategy consulting, mobile development and app testing services. They usually work with mid-sized clients in the IT industry.
  • InnoApps Technologies: InnoApps Technologies is a Global IT company that develops and supports enterprise solutions by implementing the latest trends and technologies in software engineering.
  • IQVIS: IQVIS is a software solutions company that focuses on providing custom and personalized technology solutions.
  • iTechArt: iTechArt is a top-tier, one-stop custom software development company with a talent pool of 1300+ experienced engineers, helping VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful, scalable products that users love.
  • Lofty Labs: Software development consultancy with industry expertise in web applications, mobile applications, machine learning, and data science.
  • MicroscopeIT: MicroscopeIT is a software house specializing in advanced image analysis, cloud, microscopy, and machine learning.
  • MindBowser: MindBowser Info Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your IT needs, providing a wide array of software services.
  • MobiDev: MobiDev provides custom software solutions for enterprises.
  • MonkeyLearn: MonkeyLearn is a text mining cloud platform, allowing companies to obtain relevant data from text using machine learning technologies. It can be accessed with a graphical user interface and can be integrated with any programming language via its API.
  • Mono Software: Mono Software provides custom software design and development services to clients from all around the world, transforming big ideas into exceptional products.
  • Napal Innovation: Napal Innovation provides scalable and integrated IT solutions that digitally revolutionise businesses.
  • OpenXcell: OpenXcell is a software development company that also specializes in mobile app development, real-time systems, bot development and IOTs.
  • Optisol Business Solutions: Optisol Business Solutions is a 140+ web, mobile, and AR/VR development firm that also offers augmentation services to companies of all sizes.
  • Pentoz Technology: Pentoz Technology is a business innovation firm that specializes in software development services including web, mobile, custom software, e-commerce, IoT, virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.
  • Perception Box: Perception Box is a software development company that provides clients with custom full-cycle web and mobile application development services


Software Development Companies for Machine Learning (Q−Z)

  • Qubit Labs: Hire experienced AI programming specialists whom you can outstaff to augment your in-house team or hire for development outsourcing.
  • Quovantis Technologies: Quovantis Technologies helps leading product companies and innovative startups build delightful digital experiences, using a design-led approach towards software development.
  • RIOT: AI, web development, mobile app development, custom software development, IoT development, and UX/UI design.
  • S-PRO: S-PRO is a software development company that provides custom solutions for enterprise and startups.
  • SaaSberry Innovation Laboratories: SaaSberry Innovation Laboratories is a tech vendor focused on building custom software and using machine learning, data science, natural language processing and DevOps for their clients.
  • ServReality: ServReality is an imaginative production house that provides AR/VR development, AI, and mobile app development services.
  • SmartCat: SmartCat is a big data boutique consultancy firm that provides BI/SI & big data consulting, AI, and cloud consulting services primarily for mid-market businesses.
  • Softarex Technologies: Softarex Technologies provides software development solutions for business in healthcare and medicine, energy and utilities, manufacturing, fintech, data science and computer vision.
  • Symbiotic Technologies: Symbiotic Technologies serves both small and mid-market businesses in the financial services, IT, utilities, and e-commerce industries.
  • TheAppLab: TheAppLab is a product innovation firm focused on strategy, design and development of intelligent and immersive technology that will drive business outcomes.
  • ValueCoders: ValueCoders is a software development company focused on offshore software development services.
  • Wolox: Wolox is a software company that specializes in providing technological solutions to start-ups and companies that are seeking to innovate and need support in developing their ideas.
  • XenonStack: XenonStack is a product engineering and technology services company that provides kubernetes services and solutions, data and application migration, data products and decision science.
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