The Best AI Newsletters for Data Scientists and ML Students

Article by Alex Nguyen | July 22, 2020

Data science and machine learning are ever-evolving areas of research. Keeping up with developments in AI is an arduous task, with fresh news, research, and techniques published daily. To make it easier, we’ve curated a list of the most informative AI newsletters for staying up-to-speed with the latest news and research in the industry.


AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Newsletters

Lionbridge AI: Lionbridge’s bi-weekly AI newsletter is a comprehensive round-up of the latest news in big data and machine learning, dedicated technical guides, and interviews with leading AI researchers and professionals. 

The Batch: A thoughtful newsletter by the team at, headed by Andrew Ng. A well-balanced mix of the most important news in the industry and the most recent research in the field. Informative and easy to read.

Import AI: A weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence, read by more than ten thousand experts. It’s written by Jack Clark, Strategy and Communications Director at OpenAI and former neural network reporter at Bloomberg.

The Algorithm – MIT Technology Review: Distributed by the MIT Technology Review, The Algorithm is read by nearly all AI Experts. Delivered twice a week, it provides readers with brief updates on the top AI news stories.

Data Elixir: Put together by Lon Riesberg, former data scientist at NASA, Data Elixir is a fundamental weekly read for anybody in the data science, AI or machine learning space. The newsletter also features job postings and industry news, as well as techniques and tools for data scientists.

The Gradient: The Gradient is a digital magazine for discussion about research and trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their newsletter offers sharply written deep dives covering the industry, long-term trends, and perspectives on recent developments.

Eye on A.I.: Curated by Jonahan Vanian of Fortune Magazine, this newsletter largely looks at AI from a business perspective. It includes interviews with people working on developing technologies, and insights into where and how AI is being implemented across the world. 

AI Weekly: This is a great way to keep up with AI news and resources for machine learning if you want a broad overview. It rounds up recent articles covering news, ethics, applied use cases, robotics, and research. 

KDnuggets News: KDnuggets is an award-winning site on machine learning, data science, big data, and analytics. Their newsletter aggregates stories published on the KDnuggets blog, including tutorials, opinion articles,  job postings, and webinars.

Data Science Weekly: A free weekly newsletter featuring curated news, training resources, books and job postings related to data science.

Inside AI: This newsletter publishes multiple times a week with recent news in AI, job listings, and active discussion in the community as it happens in places like Reddit and Twitter. It also updates on Sundays with news on AI as it relates to business and investment.  

This Week in Machine Learning & AI: This weekly newsletter brings top minds and ideas from the world of AI to a broad and influential community of data scientists, engineers and tech-savvy business and IT leaders.

ChinAI Newsletter: A weekly translation of Chinese-language news and research regarding AI technology and related topics. Written by Jeff Ding, each newsletter contains a feature translated article and a collection of recent news on AI development as it relates to China.

Deep Learning Weekly: Everything new and exciting in the world of deep learning from academia to the grubby depth of industry every week right to your inbox.

NLP News: Curated by DeepMind research scientist Sebastian Ruder, this monthly newsletter highlights the latest in natural language processing research.

NLP Newsletter: Crafted by the team at, this newsletter focuses on detailed coverage of research in the field of NLP, with helpful links to resources such as tools, datasets, articles, and education.

Data Machina: Geared towards a more technical audience, Data Machina describes itself as a “weekly digest of machine learning curiosities, data science geekery, and other data amenities.”

ML in Production: Written by experienced data scientist Luigi Patruno, this newsletter looks at the lesser covered area of applying ML systems to production. Each issue offers insight into a facet of the machine learning process, along with links to high-quality resources.

Exponential View: This newsletter by Azeem Azhar covers the societal implications of technology and is a totemic source for the investors, entrepreneurs and policy-makers. The subject matter is broader, with mostly non-technical content.

O’Reilly Data Newsletter: Covering the field of big data, the O’Reilly Data Newsletter contains weekly insight from industry insiders—plus exclusive content, offers, and more on the topic of data.

Hacker News Digest: Get the top stories on Hacker News in your inbox daily so you’re not constantly distracted, and can keep up to date with the latest even if you’re afk for a while.

We hope that you find some newsletters from this list that complement your current subscriptions. Want to see more resources for machine learning? Check out our lists of the top AI podcasts and AI and machine learning blogs to follow.

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