Top 10 Companies that Provide Image Tagging Services

Article by Limarc Ambalina | May 21, 2019

Image tagging, also known as image annotation, is the labeling of images to be used as AI training data. Annotated images are needed in various fields of machine learning for a variety of applications. Some of these applications include autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and facial recognition. Instead of building a platform to annotate your own images, it is often more efficient to outsource the work from companies that provide image tagging services.


What are Image Tagging Services?

Image tagging services provide you with images annotated with your requested labels or elements. If you have your own stock of custom images, you can provide the company with the images and simply outsource the annotation work. Your images would then be given to human workers to be annotated on an existing platform or custom platform built to match your needs. Alternatively, you can request both the images and the annotation service together.

There is a wide range of image tagging services and below are ten options for outsourcing these services.


Best Image Tagging Services

Lionbridge AI

Lionbridge AI has a large crowd of over 500,000 workers fluent in over 300 languages. Utilizing its curated workforce, Lionbridge AI can provide you with quality AI training data to suit your specific project’s needs. Specializing in linguistics, the company is a veteran in the market with over 20 years of industry experience. The company provides numerous data annotation services including text, audio, and image annotation. Some of Lionbridge’s image annotation services include lines and splines, bounding boxes, and much more.


Appen is a company that provides a wide array of services related to machine learning. The company has offices in many countries around the world and utilizes a large crowdsource. As well as image annotation, the company also provides video, audio, and text annotation.


Based in the United States, Scale is a large provider of AI training data. Using a combination of smart tools and human workers, Scale provides semantic segmentation, video annotation, polygons, image categorization, and various other services.

Mighty AI

Using a proprietary annotation software suite and crowdsourced human workers, Mighty AI provides various image tagging services, including polylines, bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, and cuboids.


Created by two Stanford graduate students, Hive uses crowdsourced staff and their proprietary Hive Data platform to label large datasets. Hive provides many services, such as semantic segmentation, line annotation, bounding boxes and more.


ClickWorker is a Germany-based company that provides both video and image tagging services. Some of their services include semantic segmentations, polygons, and bounding boxes.


With numerous delivery centers based in India, Invensis specializes in data entry services. Some of the company’s image services include image indexing, and image data entry.

Flatworld Solutions

Headquartered in India, Flatworld Solutions also has offices in America and the UK, with the majority of their workers located in India and the Philippines. The company provides numerous image tagging services including bounding boxes and semantic image annotation.


A company that’s been around since 2010, CloudFactory uses its team of “CloudWorkers” to provide various services including bounding boxes, pixel segmentation, and landmarking.


Having launched in 2016, Understand.AI is a relatively new player in the AI training data market. The company provides semantic segmentation, bounding boxes, video annotation, and other services.


Are you in need of image tagging services? Looking for large, or custom datasets for machine learning? Let Lionbridge AI’s workforce of over 500,000 curated workers annotate your images and provide you with AI training data when and how you want it.

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