Top 10 TED Talks on Machine Learning and AI

Article by Meiryum Ali | January 11, 2019

How is artificial intelligence changing the world? If you want to understand more about the power and potential of AI a great place to start is with machine learning TED Talks. Presented by thought leaders in the field of artificial intelligence, TED Talks give anyone the opportunity to gain insider knowledge from an expert’s perspective.

We at Gengo have put together a collection of the best AI TED Talks. Check them out for yourself!


Best Machine Learning Ted Talks

1. What AI is – and isn’t

Sebastian Thrun discusses the basic concepts of AI, the progress of deep learning, why we shouldn’t fear AI, and how society and businesses can benefit when machines do most of the everyday tedious work.


2. Can a robot pass a university entrance exam?

AI expert Noriko Arai and her team created Todai Robot, whose sole purpose is to pass the entrance exam for the University of Tokyo, the most prestigious university in Japan. So far it hasn’t succeeded in getting in, even though it scores better than 80 percent of its human competitors.


3. Machine intelligence makes human morals more important

Writer and academic Zeynep Tufekci discusses the difficult ethical challenges that AI offers. In machine learning, AI teaches itself how to make decisions, which means that the humans who created it may not know how those decisions are being made.


4. Can we build AI without losing control over it?

Neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris breaks down the question of why we need to worry about AI.  As long as nothing happens to prevent humanity from continuing to improve our machines, we will inevitably build some that are smarter than we are and are also capable of improving themselves, he argues.


5. Get ready for hybrid thinking

In one of the most interesting machine learning Ted talks, futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil discusses how human thinking will evolve thanks to AI. You’ll be able to vastly improve your intelligence for the few moments you need it by using nanobots in your brain to access that extra thinking power from the cloud, he says.


6. The Basics of AI for Business

AI pathfinder Philipp Gerbert walks through the ABCs of AI and how it specifically can benefit business and industry.


7. How AI can enhance our memory, work, and social lives

Tom Gruber, co-creator of Siri, talks about his vision that soon AI can help people achieve high level performance in areas like creativity, perception, and brain function.


8. How AI can bring on a second industrial revolution

Kevin Kelly highlights three trends in AI that he feels need to be understood in order to tap into AI’s power and guide it into new innovations.


9. The incredible inventions of intuitive AI

Maurice Conti insists that the way we work will change drastically in the next twenty years. He speaks of an Augmented Era that has already begun to take root. Ultimately, AI will develop the kind of intuition we have.


10. How a Driverless Car sees the Road

Chris Urmson, former head of Google’s driverless car program, gives us the lowdown on how autonomous vehicles take decisions in real-time about what to do next.


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