Top 10 Text Labeling Services for Machine Learning

Article by Daniel Smith | May 30, 2019

It’s impossible to build a top-of-the-range NLP model without accurately labeled text data. As a result, it’s worth doing your research and choosing your data annotation partner extremely carefully. The text labeling niche is becoming increasingly crowded, filled with companies who have slightly different specialisms and workflows. Finding the one that suits your particular project can improve your ROI by orders of magnitude.

The following list of companies is a good place to start your search. From specialized labeling providers to crowdsourcing services, the companies below can bring a variety of different benefits to your ML project. With a bit of due diligence, you should be able to find the perfect provider for all your text annotation needs.


Specialist Text Labeling Services

The companies listed below offer text annotation as a key part of their service offering. With bags of knowledge and experience of labeling data, they know exactly how to manage your project to ensure a great ROI.

Lionbridge AI: Thanks to their huge pool of expert linguists, Lionbridge has a distinguished track record in providing the world’s leading companies with language and training data services. Their text annotation offering is exhaustive, covering everything from document classification to entity annotation and linking. Lionbridge’s workflow is also fully customizable, allowing you the flexibility to incorporate any specialist requirements that your project may have.

Appen: One of the largest players in the field of training data, Appen’s solution is built to provide training data for a variety of text and image use cases. Whether you have a text categorization or an entity annotation project, there’s a good chance that Appen will be able to create the annotated dataset you need.

Figure Eight: Recently acquired by Appen, Figure Eight also have an extensive service offering for text labeling projects. Their platform supports a range of common annotation tasks for NLP, such as sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and intent classification.

Scale: Although they are primarily focused on providing image annotation services, Scale do also have some text labeling capabilities. Their categorization API is designed to assist customers across a range of industry verticals, from ecommerce tagging to content moderation.

Alegion: This Texas-based company is focused on building datasets to improve a wide range of solutions, such as virtual assistants, mobile apps, and text moderation models. They have a particular focus on entity resolution and related tasks.

Samasource: Similar to Scale, Samasource’s offering is mainly concerned with creating training data for computer vision models. However, they are also expanding their annotation services to encompass some NLP tasks, such as intent recognition and document classification.


General Text Annotation Companies

In a perfect world, you would always have a team of specialists annotating your data. However, there are sometimes significant benefits in outsourcing to a company that can get the job done swiftly, particularly if the annotation itself is a relatively simple task. The following companies have the technology or platform to quickly annotate large datasets to a reasonable level of quality.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT): One of the early players in the training data space, AMT is a crowdsourcing platform that enables its customers to access a large pool of contributors. With a range of machine learning capabilities, this scalable option is a good choice for simple or repetitive text labeling tasks.

Clickworker: One of this crowdsourcing platform’s main offerings is based around annotating data for AI research. In particular, Clickworker have some capabilities that could interest those with sentiment analysis or search relevance projects.

Upwork: Amongst Upwork’s many task types, it’s possible to find freelancers who are available to do simple text labeling tasks. They also have contributors on the platform who can work on a range of related tasks, such as data extraction, mining and management.

Fiverr: As a large crowdsourcing service, Fiverr is also a potential source of annotators for text data. Although they don’t have a specific data annotation service, the scale and variety of contributors on their platform could be utilised for text labeling tasks.


The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to training data, there’s no need to choose between quality and quantity. Lionbridge has spent the last 20 years developing platforms, systems, and workflows that will help you to hit the sweet spot between the two – and dramatically improve your ROI. Our 500,000+ expert linguists can fulfill your text labeling needs in over 300 languages, whatever your specialist requirements. Contact us now to find out more.

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