Top 18 AI and Machine Learning Subreddits for Data Scientists

Article by Alex Nguyen | October 25, 2018

Part social network, part media platform, Reddit has more than 330 million active users per month. The popular entertainment & news aggregator is comprised of many AI and machine learning subreddits which useful information for data scientists at any stage in their studies or career.

With all the hype surrounding data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on new publications, research, tutorials and tools. That’s where Reddit can help. Over the years, machine learning elites like Andrew Ng and Yann LeCun have contributed their thoughts and answered user questions through Reddit.

Used productively, Reddit can serve as:

  • A great way to stay updated on machine learning and AI news
  • A community to engage and discuss ideas with other AI/ML enthusiasts
  • An excellent source of knowledge and resources for machine learning

That said, here is a collection of the best data science and machine learning subreddits:


General AI Subreddits

r/artificial – Also known as “Reddit’s home for Artificial Intelligence.” r/artificial is the largest subreddit dedicated to all issues related to Artificial Intelligence or AI. It covers general news about AI and its many applications.

r/Futurology – Although this isn’t an exclusively AI subreddit, this is a great place to get all the latest developments in tech, and it often covers AI news.


Machine learning Subreddits

r/MachineLearning – One of the oldest machine learning communities on Reddit. Contains a variety of posts categorized into discussion, news, research, and projects.

r/MachinesLearn – Founded by Andriy Burkov, this is a community dedicated to industry professionals focused on practical aspects of building AI systems. The sub contains machine learning tutorials, DIY posts, educational videos, datasets, important industry news, high quality podcasts and more.

r/learnmachinelearning – For anyone wondering “How do I get into ML? Where do I start?”, this is a newbie-friendly community for ML and AI enthusiasts to discuss anything and everything related to machine learning.

r/MLQuestions – Stuck on a tough problem? Look no further! Made specifically for beginners to machine learning, this is an open place for beginners to ask questions and for ML veterans to help them!

r/LanguageTechnology – For programmers of language processing AI, r/LanguageTechnology is primarily concerned with computational linguistics field of artificial intelligence.

r/mlpapers – Created by the same people  at /r/MachineLearning, this is a subreddit for machine learning paper discussions.

r/computervision – A community that specifically discusses computer vision applications.

r/neuralnetworks – A place dedicated to artificial neural networks, deep learning and machine learning.

r/datasets – As the name suggests, r/datasets is a place to share, find, and discuss datasets with other redditors.


Data science

r/datascience – A helpful community of data science practitioners who share ideas, advice, projects, discuss tools and do networking.

r/dataisbeautiful – A community to share visualizations of all kinds of datasets. This sub is a great place to pick up new data visualization techniques or inspiration for your own projects.

r/visualization – For topics related to information visualization and the design of graphs, charts, maps, etc.

r/DataVizRequests – A place to request data visualizations.

r/statistics – For researchers, students, professionals, and enthusiasts, this sub is for discussion on all things related to statistical theory, software, and application.



Industry-specific AI and Machine Learning subreddits

r/GameAI – Resources, discussion, ideas to benefit AI game programmers.

r/HealthAI – A sub specifically created for news, research and discussion related to AI technology used in the healthcare industry.


We hope this list of AI and machine learning subreddits prove useful to you in your data science journey.

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