Datasets for Machine Learning

We at Lionbridge have compiled a list of 14 movie datasets. Many of the datasets on this list contain data points such as the cast and crew members, script, run time, and reviews. You could use these movie datasets for machine learning projects in natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and more.
Autonomous vehicles are a high-interest area of computer vision with numerous applications and a large potential for future profits. For researchers and developers in need of training data, here is a list of 10 open image and video datasets for autonomous vehicle research and development.
We at Lionbridge have compiled a list of publicly available French datasets that covers a wide spectrum of AI use cases, from sentiment analysis to speech data.
All geographic information systems rely on a large foundation of structured geospatial data. To help, we at Lionbridge have curated a list of the 15 best publicly available geographic data sources for machine learning.
Multilingual machine learning models rely heavily on structured data. However, it can be difficult to find enough data to build models in languages other than English. We at Lionbridge have put together a list of high quality Italian text and audio datasets to help.
Where’s the best place to look for Dutch datasets to train machine learning systems? We at Lionbridge have gathered a list of publicly available datasets to help you out.
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