AI’s potential to transform industry is unimaginably vast

Driven by innovative companies in sectors spanning everything from autonomous vehicles to market analysis, the number of machine learning applications for business is growing by the day. Only one thing unites this unique array of algorithms. They need customized training data to stay on the cutting edge.

After two decades of developing service offerings to suit a wide range of training data requirements, Lionbridge is ready to fulfill that need. With 500,000+ contributors working in 300 global languages, we have the versatility to fuel your algorithm with custom datasets, tags or annotations at scale. Whatever your use case, Lionbridge can provide the gold standard you need to take your algorithm to the next level.


Quick and accurate labeling of datasets is vital to keep pace with developments across the automotive sector. LEARN MORE

Financial Services

With detailed training data, it’s possible to build a model that will keep you one step ahead of the market. LEARN MORE

Government & Security

Whether online or in the real world, the AI algorithms that keep us safe rely on a foundation of high-quality data. LEARN MORE


Ensuring a model’s gold standard can provide patients with a better hospital experience – and potentially save lives. LEARN MORE


For companies looking to enhance their product with AI, customized datasets are the key to business growth. LEARN MORE

Ecommerce & Retail

Personalized service for a global marketplace requires versatile training data in a variety of global languages. LEARN MORE