Government & Security

In a world where threats evolve and develop faster than ever before, only the best defences are good enough. From analysing potential threats to helping first responders make good decisions in pressure-cooker situations, AI will soon be invaluable to those keeping citizens safe, both online and in the real world.

However, machine learning is needed for much more than just keeping a cool head in a crisis. AI is having an impact across the public sector, paving the way towards a more efficient, personalised government. Whether it’s ensuring that benefits are paid correctly or identifying children most in need of intervention by social services, AI can be used to help people in a variety of ways. With a strong foundation in training data, these algorithms can play a key role in transforming the way that citizens interact with their government, potentially saving countless lives.

Machine learning applications for governments

Crime prevention

Sifting through mountains of data and discovering trends is AI’s speciality. This makes it very effective at identifying extremist content or cybersecurity threats before they have a chance to act. By alerting the authorities to the signals that precede an attack, a well trained machine learning model can prove an extremely useful tool in protecting citizens online. Real world applications of such an AI can also improve the safety of our communities in various ways, from planning police patrol routes to facial recognition at borders.


In a crisis, the split second decisions of a first responder can be a matter of life and death. It’s of paramount importance to ensure that they are given all the information necessary to make these calls. AI can process all the data necessary in real time and allow them access to unbiased analysis of the situation, whether that involves identifying the highest risk areas or recommending the best access routes. When trained to do Natural Language Processing, AI can also clarify coordination and handoff between different emergency services, summing up all the details of the case and minimizing errors.

Effective government

Public sector workers are often prevented from tackling complex problems by the urgent tasks in front of them. AI is forecast to play a big role in improving government efficiency and allowing people to concentrate on the tasks that need them most. AI is already being used across the public sector to sort mail, automatically post forms and send citizens appointment reminders. With more ambitious tasks such as calculating and paying benefits for each citizen in focus, the opportunities are endless for a well trained AI to make an impact.

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