No improvement is too small if it helps to save a life. Through faster analysis, accurate advice and precision diagnosis, AI is poised to not just help healthcare, but take it to the next level. With the chance to improve thousands of lives on offer, it’s no wonder that investment in machine learning for healthcare is becoming a worldwide priority.

Thanks to a variety of new AI programs, medical professionals are increasingly able to diagnose patients quicker and at a higher rate of accuracy, while 24/7 virtual monitoring will provide an early warning system if a patient’s condition deteriorates. However, machine learning developments are also improving quality of life in a number of less obvious ways. The industry’s list of potential use cases is almost endless, from democratizing cutting edge research to playing a greater role in the apps and wearable tech that keep us fit. Whether directly or indirectly, AI may be the catalyst for a healthcare breakthrough that will benefit all of us.

Machine learning applications for the medical industry

Accurate diagnosis

AI’s ability to rapidly compare a specific case to countless volumes of existing medical data gives it a unique advantage when diagnosing patients. By comparing a specific case to a bank of medical research, machine learning algorithms can spot the signs of deadly diseases far earlier than any human doctor. When combined with the ability to analyze x-rays down to the pixel level, or perform real-time speech analysis on emergency calls to identify signs of a heart attack, AI looks set to become a formidable life-saving tool in the near future.

Assisting caregivers

The constant need for improvement in personalized care is a huge opportunity for the developers of machine learning algorithms. With the ability to constantly monitor the patient’s condition, answer a range of questions and provide predictions regarding length of stay, machine learning can play a big role in easing the strain on nurses. Outside of the hospital, virtual caregivers will soon be able to provide a range of health-related services, from tackling loneliness during end-of-life care to providing health advice on a range of fitness apps. Backed by high-quality training data, AI looks set to have a transformative impact on our overall well-being.

Medical research and training

One relevant case study can sometimes make the difference in a research breakthrough. By sifting volumes of medical data at superhuman speed and ensuring that every doctor has the latest research at their fingertips, AI can be the key to rapid progress in areas of vital importance. Machine learning can also use Natural Language Processing to improve the training of junior doctors, administering personalized tests based on specialism, learning needs or previous mistakes. By honing the ability of everyone in the medical professions, AI could be instrumental in setting a new global standard for healthcare.

Why Lionbridge?

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