Business Resources

For one of the world’s largest technology companies, Lionbridge AI performed sentiment annotation on over 20,000 text records. The data was used to help the client’s text analytics platform reach fluency in 14 languages.
For a project with one of the world’s largest technology corporations, Lionbridge AI collected and annotated 30,000+ unique conversations in English and French.
Learn how Lionbridge helped one of the world’s largest social media platforms improve their ad delivery platform by collecting millions of ad reviews from users in a variety of geographic and demographic markets.
In this case study, learn how we helped a leader in natural language text technology scale their software implementation framework into 17 additional languages. We delivered in multiple languages and in the context of 25 projects.
One of the world’s largest technology companies, our client needed a partner that could offer hundreds of hours of speech data to make its voice technology fluent in 30 languages.
This spreadsheet contains the ultimate list of open datasets for machine learning projects. Organized by industry and use case, this database contains 300+ completely free datasets to train machine learning models.
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