Lionbridge AI Receives Gold Blog Award [KD Nuggets]

Press Coverage by Limarc Ambalina | April 13, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Lionbridge AI has received the Gold Blog Award From esteemed AI and machine learning website KD Nuggets. Our original article Introducing MIDAS: A New Baseline for Anomaly Detection in Graphs received the award by garnering the most shares on the website for the first week of April 2020. 


What is KD Nuggets?

Attracting approximately 500,000 data science professionals every month, KD Nuggets is one of the largest machine learning websites in the world. The KD Nuggets blog focuses on publishing AI news, courses, datasets, and other useful resources for data scientists. 

View our article’s most-shared listing on KD Nuggets. 


What is MIDAS?

MIDAS Anomaly Detection in Graphs

From researchers at the National University of Singapore, MIDAS is a new baseline approach to anomaly detection in graphs. Anomaly detection is especially important in spam filters, credit card fraud detection, and more. To learn more about MIDAS, see the full article here


About Lionbridge AI

Lionbridge is a leading provider of AI training data for computer vision, NLP, and other machine learning sectors. With a global network of 1 million professional annotators, data scientists, and project managers, we have built a data collection and annotation infrastructure ready to create custom datasets at scale. 

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Limarc Ambalina

Limarc writes content for Lionbridge’s website as part of the marketing team. Born and raised in Canada, Limarc’s love of Japanese pop culture brought him to Japan in 2016 and living in Japan has been his dream come true. Apart from Lionbridge content, you can catch Limarc online writing about anime, video games, and other nerd culture.


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