Lionbridge Wins 1.1M in Contracts from the Canadian Government [Slator]

Press Coverage by Limarc Ambalina | January 16, 2020

It is our pleasure to announce that Lionbridge has been awarded two coveted contracts by the Government of Canada. These contracts were awarded for translation services for the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. 


Contract Details

One contract is worth 366,786.35 CAD and the second contract is worth 1,118,246.85 CAD, for a total of 1,485,033.20 CAD (approx. 1.1 million USD). 

The translations will be done in French-English and English-French language pairs for general, administrative, and specialized texts such as patent titles and patent abstracts. 

Robin Ayoub, Lionbridge’s GM of Canadian operations stated that the “Translations will center around two critical governments needs. First, Lionbridge will translate the administrative documents and files that the office needs to effectively communicate with Canadian citizens. Then there’s the patent component: titles, abstracts, and other content Canadian innovators need in both French and English in order to register their inventions with the Office.”

For those looking for more information, please read the full story on Slator.


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