Resources for Machine Learning

Looking for an introduction to audio classification? In this article we look at different types of audio classification and its use in machine learning projects.
In this article, we’ll introduce eight sources where you can find voice and sound data for your natural language processing projects.
The best data labeling tools are intuitive, minimize human involvement, and maximize efficiency. In this article, we present 8 annotation tools to help you create training datasets for machine learning.
Looking for natural language processing solutions? Here's a list of quality NLP tools and services to help you find the best one for your project.
For those looking to build predictive models, this article will introduce 10 stock market datasets and cryptocurrency datasets for machine learning. 
This article is an exploration of GPT-2 from Open AI and the results are astounding. GPT-2’s potential shown in this article brings rise to questions around the ethics of using such technology.
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