Resources for Machine Learning

This article showcases some of the best machine learning textbooks that the field has to offer. Recommended by professors and engineers alike, the books you'll find here provide a great introduction to the world of AI.
Humans and animals use their eyes to see the world around them; computer vision is the science that aims to give the similar skill to machines. The goal in computer vision is to automate tasks that the human visual system can do, such as image acquisition, image processing, and image analysis.
It's only logical to ask how much training data you need for your model, but it can be a complicated question to answer. Let's walk through a few reasons why, before looking at ways to figure out the right amount of data for your project.
In this article, let’s take a close look at how a shortage of AI training data can affect tech innovation.
Data annotation is the task of labeling data, which could be in any form such as text, audio, images, or video. In this article, we’ll explore the different types and uses for data annotation in machine learning.
Where’s the best place to look for Dutch datasets to train machine learning systems? We at Lionbridge have gathered a list of publicly available datasets to help you out.
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