What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation is the process of monitoring, assessing, and filtering content that has been posted to your online channels. The two most common types of content moderation are pre-moderation, where submissions must be approved, and post-moderation, where potentially sensitive content is identified and checked after it has been posted.

As businesses connect ever more closely with their customers, content moderation is becoming an essential piece of online business strategy. Without a content moderation system capable of enforcing high standards across all areas of your site, a small minority could dismantle the brand reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build.

At Lionbridge, we recognize the importance of making your site a safe environment for all. We’ve spent the last 20 years developing the crowd and capabilities to check your content, from remote annotation for multiple markets to on-site, secure moderation facilities. Whether you need humans to check each individual submission or training data to build a content moderation algorithm, you can trust us to improve your user experience – so you can focus instead on the visitors who truly value your services.

Why Lionbridge?


Whether you’re looking for annotated text data to train a content moderation model, a platform to identify sensitive content, or a team of qualified workers to check your submissions, Lionbridge can meet your needs.

  • 500,000+ Contributors
  • 300+ Languages
  • 20+ Years of Experience

Diverse Content Types

We bring decades of experience in moderating a range of content types to every project we undertake.


Our worldwide crowd of moderators work to ensure that your content is appropriate in 300+ languages and demographics.

Domain-Specific Workflows

Whether you need a low-touch, remote solution or an on-site pool of moderators, we can build it for you.


Our Content Moderation Services


Train a model to automatically remove duplicate content, improving your user experience and SEO.

Image Quality

Ensure that all images on your website meet your standards by checking their subjects, captions, and metadata.

Nudity Detection

Use human assessment to protect your users from inappropriate images or video and keep your site appropriate for all.

Profanity Detection

Detect coarse language or hate speech in your comments before it reaches your customers.

Spam Filtering

Keep your user experience clutter free by identifying and removing unwanted site content.

How it Works

how to crowdsource data

1. Project set-up

Our team work with you to develop a custom solution based on your project’s requirements, goals, and timeline.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

2. Production

Our crowd of multilingual experts get to work cleaning, labeling, and evaluating your content.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

3. Delivery

Our project management team check, package, and format the data before sending it to you for final approval.

how to crowdsource data

Content Moderation Solutions We Serve

Comment Moderation

Our global crowd can moderate user-generated comments in all major languages for the world’s largest markets. Whether you’re simply searching for duplicate content or looking to actively ensure compliance, Lionbridge is able to build a workflow that suits your community – or provide the data to build an automated moderation algorithm. Our moderators will leave no stone unturned to ensure that your customers have a great user experience.

Ad Moderation

We ensure that your ads comply with the necessary guidelines through assessment of both your images and copy. Lionbridge’s 20 years of experience in validating both text and image data has enabled us to develop flexible workflows, using local professionals to make your ads effective in your target market. Whatever your industry, our quality checks can ensure that your ads represent your brand with pride – and bring in new customers across the globe.

Image Moderation

Lionbridge assesses images for quality, guideline violations, and sensitive content at scale. Our custom-built platform allows us to accurately classify and tag large sets of images, adding metadata that can help you to automate the protection of your site. Whatever your community policy, our moderators will protect your users from harmful site content while safeguarding their ability to communicate freely.

Video Moderation

We evaluate, rate, and flag offensive video content for some of the world’s biggest companies. Our versatile solution draws on our expertise in transcription, audio quality assurance, and end-to-end and still-image moderation to serve all your video moderation requirements. Whether you’re looking to block sensitive content or improve your user experience, Lionbridge provides an accurate, cost-effective way to manage your community submissions.


Content Moderation Pricing

The Lionbridge platform streamlines much of the process, allowing us to offer the most cost-effective content moderation solution in the industry. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project.

  • Account Manager
  • Project Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • API
  • NDA
  • Volume pricing
  • Custom reporting
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs
  • Custom invoicing
  • Consulting services
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Multilingual Content Moderation Services

Lionbridge provides professional content moderation services in over 300 languages. Some of our most popular languages include:

  • Chinese content moderation
  • Dutch content moderation
  • French content moderation
  • German content moderation
  • Italian content moderation
  • Japanese content moderation
  • Portuguese content moderation
  • Spanish content moderation

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