What is Data Entry?

There are different forms of data entry, such as text, image, and audio, but they all have the same goal: to transcribe an existing dataset to a digital format that is more suited to machine learning.

Lionbridge offers crowdsourced data entry services in 300 languages. Our Smart Crowd™️ is a growing team of 500,000 crowd workers who provide various tasks in data entry, data research, language, testing, and more. Using our innovative cloud technologies, our dedicated team works on the Lionbridge platform around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Why use Lionbridge’s data entry services?


Lionbridge provides data collection, data enrichment, and data cleansing services for AI training datasets. Whether you’re looking to build AI training datasets or clean the data that you already have, Lionbridge is your home for AI training data.

  • 500,000+ Contributors
  • 300+ Languages
  • 20+ Years of experience


Lionbridge has access to 500,000 contributors located around the globe, so we can quickly complete high-volume data entry tasks.


With over 20 years of experience in providing crowdsourcing services, Lionbridge can quickly assign the most qualified workers for your data entry tasks.


Lionbridge’s quality assurance system includes a rigorous review process to ensure that we provide you with the best, accurate data entry services.


Lionbridge’s Data Entry Services

Data Collection Services

Collecting large volumes of high-quality data can be the hardest part of a machine learning project. Lionbridge’s global team of 500,000 contributors can quickly create and collect data points to build your AI training datasets.

Data Enrichment Services

It’s important to train your machine learning model with high-quality training datasets. Lionbridge’s data enrichment services will ensure that your raw data is cleaned, refined, and otherwise ready to serve as the ground truth for your machine learning model.

Data Processing Services

Data processing allows you to access and gain insight into your business’s market data, giving you a competitive edge. Lionbridge offers high quality, low cost data processing services to help you make effective, data-driven decisions for your organization.

Data Cleansing Services

Lionbridge provides outsourced data cleansing services. Our expert contributors will validate your data and check for accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

How it Works

how to crowdsource data

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

2. Production

Our crowd of multilingual experts get to work creating, annotating or validating your data.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages, and formats the data before being sent to you for final approval.

how to crowdsource data

Success Stories

Lionbridge’s Data Entry Solutions

Data Analytics

Lionbridge offers data analytics solutions that helps enterprises transform their big data into opportunities where they can discover market potential and react quickly to market demands.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Lionbridge provides data entry services that our customers can use to train an OCR engine to read handwritten documents.


We provide text, image, and audio data transcription services. Outsource your transcription tasks and we’ll enter your data quickly and accurately, into the digital format that you need.


Data Entry Pricing

The Lionbridge platform streamlines much of the data entry process, allowing us to offer the most cost-effective solution in the industry. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project.

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  • 24/7 Support
  • API
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  • Volume pricing
  • Custom reporting
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Multilingual Data Entry Services

Lionbridge provides professional data entry services in over 300 languages. Some of our most popular languages include:

  • Chinese data entry services
  • Dutch data entry services
  • French data entry services
  • German data entry services
  • Italian data entry services
  • Japanese data entry services
  • Portuguese data entry services
  • Spanish data entry services

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