Artificial intelligence can bring enormous benefits to your business. From chatbots to automated translation, technologies based on machine learning have quickly become an essential part of our daily lives. As such, organizations must evolve if they wish to stay relevant. At Lionbridge, we provide machine learning consulting services for projects at every stage in production.

Whether you are collecting data, annotating data, building a component, or need to scale your model in other languages, Lionbridge can help you every step of the way. Perhaps you have the task, but haven’t built anything yet. Let us know your goals and we’ll help you get there.

Who we are

Lionbridge has over 20 years of experience working on complex machine learning projects for the world’s biggest brands. Over the years, we have built a global team of computational linguists, data engineers, and language experts dedicated to the creation of AI solutions in over 300 languages.

Quick Response

With sales staff and project managers available in 50 offices around the globe, we have achieved a 1-hour response time for most queries.


Lionbridge has proven experience in applying AI to solve business problems. We have built the world’s largest data team comprised of project managers, data engineers, and a global network of language experts.

Global Trust

We’ve completed projects for the world’s largest companies. With decades spent building a global workforce and an efficient QA system, rest assured that you’re in good company.

1 million+ Contributors
300+ Languages
20+ Years of Experience


Lionbridge’s Machine Learning Consulting Services

AI Consulting

Take your business to the next level with Lionbridge’s tailored AI consulting services. Lionbridge has shaped the AI strategy of hundreds of companies worldwide. We can provide strategic advice as to whether AI is suitable for your business. Furthermore, we can show you how to solve a particular problem using machine learning technology and propose suitable solutions.

Data Collection & Annotation

Machine learning requires data. Lionbridge helps companies identify the potential of their data and build custom machine learning datasets to meet business objectives. We provide scalable data collection, annotation, and validation services to train your model quickly and effectively.

Learn more about our data services:

Machine Learning Component and Model Development

Lionbridge can build, implement, and deploy ML components and models to help solve real business problems. With our deep expertise in machine learning and network of data scientists, Lionbridge can successfully build algorithms from scratch or help modify existing models.

Model Scaling & Localization

Ensuring machine learning model functionality in other languages is our forté. We have successfully scaled many of our client’s models into dozens of languages. Instead of sourcing linguists and data scientists on your own, take advantage of our global network of experts. Tell us more about your model and your target markets, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What We’ve Built

With expertise in NLP, our dedicated AI solutions team has built and helped scale numerous NLP models in various languages. Some of our highlights include:

How it Works



Through an in-depth consultation, our team will explore your requirements, desired outcomes, and data needs to build out a strategy roadmap.


Proof of Concept

Our team will design and build a prototype based on your specifications, gathering feedback before entering the production phase.



Once you are satisfied with the prototype, our team will begin building, training or testing your AI model until it reaches your desired result.


Ongoing Support

Our team will continuously monitor and fine-tune the product to ensure that it meets your requirements.