What is Search Evaluation?

In a digital world where a large percentage of all online traffic is driven by search engines, improving the relevancy of your search results can lead to major profits. Search evaluation is the human-powered evaluation of your search engine’s fetched results and the functionality of core elements such as auto-fill, auto-correct, result titles, result captions, related results, and more.

Improve your search relevance by using our expert analysts to evaluate your search engine. Train your algorithm with Lionbridge’s high-quality AI training data to provide your search engine with a solid ground truth.

Our Search Evaluation Services

Search Result Evaluation

Determine whether your algorithm is responding to search queries correctly by letting our team of experts test your search algorithm and rank the relevancy of your search engine results page.

Related Result Evaluation

Related results can keep users on your site longer and help with conversion. Don’t have exactly what the user is looking for? Use our crowd of experts to rate your search engine’s recommendations and related results to make sure they match the user’s query.

Caption Evaluation

Titles grab attention, but captions create interest. Evaluate your captions to make sure they are both relevant and engaging. Our multilingual and multicultural crowd of experts can handle caption evaluation for a variety of fields and topics.

Ad Review

Use our expert crowd to evaluate advertisement relevancy in regards to the user’s search query and intent. While advertisements are not a main function of search engines, they play a large role in the user experience of search and the professionalism of your site. Unrelated ads on your site will look like spam, whereas ads related to a user’s search query with professional copy will keep the search experience focused and maintain site credibility.

Search Query Categorization

Our team of experts can categorize the different types of queries relevant to your algorithm to ensure that your search engine accurately identifies intent and cultural context behind every query.

Query categorization is one of the most important elements of search relevance. If a user searches “android,” are they looking for information about android robots or the Android OS? When a term or phrase in a query is relevant to numerous subjects, cultural knowledge and intent become the deciding factors when fetching results.

Why use Lionbridge’s Search Evaluation Services?

With a multilingual and multicultural team of expert analysts, Lionbridge is your home for search evaluation outsourcing.


Our established quality assurance system features built-in validation, spot-checking, regular performance evaluations, and a worker seniority system to ensure the highest quality of data production.

Multilingual Experts

With a specialization in linguistics, Lionbridge is a leading search evaluation company. Our curated crowd can accurately evaluate your search results and ads in one of our 300 supported languages

Customizable Workflows

Need things done in a specific way and under strict guidelines? We can work with you to make sure our team of experts gets your project done under your requirements and within your timeline.

1 million+ Contributors
300+ Languages
20+ Years of Experience

How it Works

how to crowdsource data

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

2. Production

Our crowd of multilingual experts get to work evaluating and reviewing your search engine.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages and formats the data before being sent to you for final approval.

how to crowdsource data

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Search Evaluation Services Pricing

How much do search evaluation services cost? 
The Lionbridge platform streamlines most of the search evaluation process, allowing us to offer the most cost-effective solutions in the industry. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project.

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Multilingual Search Evaluation Services

Lionbridge provides professional search evaluation services in over 300 languages. Some of our most popular languages include:

  • Chinese search evaluation
  • Dutch search evaluation
  • French search evaluation
  • German search evaluation
  • Italian search evaluation
  • Japanese search evaluation
  • Portuguese search evaluation
  • Spanish search evaluation

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