What is Sentiment Analysis?

Also known as opinion mining or emotion AI, sentiment analysis determines whether a text is positive, negative or neutral by extracting particular words or phrases. An invaluable tool for companies, sentiment analysis provides helpful insights that drive effective business strategy. Language is often vague or highly contextual, making it very difficult for a machine to understand without human help. As such, human annotated data is essential when training a machine learning platform to analyze sentiment.

At Lionbridge, our crowd of prequalified contributors provide fast and high-quality sentiment annotation services. With access to a curated crowd of over 1 million contributors in 300+ languages, Lionbridge is uniquely positioned to provide sentiment analysis data for all of your target markets.

Why Lionbridge?


Whether you’re looking for annotated text to train your model, a platform to annotate data or require a team of qualified workers to categorize content, Lionbridge is your home for sentiment analysis outsourcing.

  • 500,000+ Contributors
  • 300+ Languages
  • 20+ Years of experience


With over 20 years of hands-on experience collecting data for machine learning use cases, Lionbridge has gained the trust of the world’s largest corporations.


Lionbridge maintains a crowd of 500,000 contributors that work around the clock. We can quickly provide quality sentiment analysis data across 300+ languages and dialects.


The Lionbridge quality assurance system features built-in validation, spot-checking and a worker seniority system to ensure the highest quality data to train machine learning applications.


Our Sentiment Analysis Services

Text Analysis

Before you can even begin building an automatic sentiment classifier, you’ll need large amounts of diverse sentiment data. Lionbridge has access to 500,000+ qualified contributors that can process, analyze and label text data quickly and inexpensively based on client specifications.

Social Listening

Our crowd of contributors can analyze user-generated content about your brand, competitors, or products. Track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand with Lionbridge’s social media monitoring services.

Emotion Analysis

Train a machine to recognize emotions with human annotated emotion data. Whether you want to collect images of facial expressions from a diverse crowd or detect underlying emotion in text, Lionbridge’s network of contributors can help gather the training data you need to train your model in emotion recognition.

How does it work?

how to crowdsource data

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

2. Production

Our crowd of multilingual experts get to work collecting, annotating or analyzing sentiment data.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages, and formats the data before being sent to you for final approval.

how to crowdsource data

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Sentiment Annotation Pricing

Thanks to our streamlined platform and crowdsourced model, Lionbridge streamlines much of the sentiment annotation process. As a result, we’re able to offer the most cost-effective sentiment analysis solution in the industry. Contact us to get a free quote for your project. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project.

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Multilingual Sentiment Annotation Services

Lionbridge’s linguistic expertise makes us the best equipped provider of sentiment analysis services in over 300 languages and dialects. Some of our most popular languages include:

  • Chinese sentiment analysis
  • Dutch sentiment analysis
  • French sentiment analysis
  • German sentiment analysis
  • Italian sentiment analysis
  • Japanese sentiment analysis
  • Portuguese sentiment analysis
  • Spanish sentiment analysis

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