Automatic Speech Recognition Solutions

Improve accuracy for speech recognition systems using labeled speech data produced by a diverse set of speakers.

Autonomous Vehicles

Build high-definition image and video datasets for autonomous vehicle perception.


Improve computer vision for drones with comprehensive ground truth data.

Facial Recognition

Improve facial recognition systems with high-quality face image data.

Proofing Tool Development

Improve the accuracy of your grammar and spell checker with meticulously tagged text data.

Training Data for Optical Character Recognition Solutions

Strengthen OCR models with custom training data, handwritten data, and image collection services.

Virtual Assistants

Train your virtual assistant to respond to human speech in a variety of languages, environments, and contexts.

Social Media

Understand the market and improve customer service with our social media mining services.

Sales Call Analysis

Unlock your sales potential with annotated datasets for conversation intelligence.


Create image and video datasets to give your robots the edge in computer vision.