Optical character recognition (OCR) technology has applications in numerous industries. From document digitization and data extraction to surveillance and security, OCR solutions can help improve businesses in a variety of ways. Optical character recognition software has been around for a long time. However, machine learning based OCR is constantly being researched and improved upon.

To help you build and improve upon your OCR algorithms, we have a variety of training data services available.


Whether you require data pre-processing, handwritten data creation, image data collection, or OCR image annotation services, Lionbridge can help you.

OCR Data Cleansing / Pre-Processing

Training an OCR text recognition model requires a lot of data. Depending on what kind of OCR training data you have collected, your images or files may need to be processed before feeding them to your algorithm for training. Some of our OCR data pre-processing services include noise reduction, binarisation, as well as image and text alignment.

Prepare your data for annotation or training. Contact us to learn more about our data cleansing and pre-processing services.

Handwritten Data Collection

With a global multilingual crowd and 20 years of experience in translation and linguistics, OCR data collection is a Lionbridge forté.

At Lionbridge, we can source thousands of contributors native in one of our 300 supported languages. Using our crowd, we can create custom handwritten data tailored to your specific project. You dictate what our contributors write, how they write it, and what language you want the data to be written in. We’ll assess the data for quality and formatting, then package it according to your specifications.

Utilize our crowd to create quality handwritten datasets. Learn more about our handwritten data collection services.

OCR Image Transcription

Aside from handwritten data entry services, we also provide image transcription for real, altered, computer-generated, or animated images. To aid in machine translation, we can also provide transcriptions for the same image in multiple languages.

With our own proprietary image transcription platform, we can build custom workflows to meet your needs. Learn more about our OCR transcription services.

Image Annotation for OCR Text Recognition

For training text recognition algorithms, you may require a large amount of images with annotated text. To label the text within images, we can provide bounding box or polygon image annotation. Harnessing our multilingual crowd, we can identify, flag, and annotate text in 300 languages.

Learn more about our image annotation services.

Our Image Transcription Platform


How it Works

how to crowdsource data

1. Project set-up

Our team will work with you to develop a custom solution based on your project objectives and timeline.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

2. Production

Our crowd of multilingual experts get to work creating, annotating or validating your data.

how to crowdsource data
how to crowdsource data

3. Delivery

Our project management team checks, packages, and formats the data before being sent to you for final approval.

how to crowdsource data

Why Lionbridge?


Thanks to our rigorous, multi-tiered testing system, Lionbridge only offers positions to the top 3% of our tens of thousands of yearly applicants. Once accepted, our workers undergo regular performance evaluations to ensure we have the best people working on your project.


With expert crowdsourced staff and a streamlined project management platform, we can handle projects of varying complexity and at scale.

Customizable Workflows

Need things done in a specific way and under strict guidelines? We can work with you to create a tailored execution plan, ensuring that our team of experts completes your project according to your specific timeline and requirements.

1 million+ Contributors
300+ Languages
20+ Years of Experience

Success Stories

Optical Character Recognition Training Data Pricing

How much does OCR data cost? The Lionbridge platform streamlines much of the process, allowing us to offer one of the most cost-effective data solutions in the industry. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project.

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