Data categorization

What is data categorization?
Data classification and identification is all about tagging your data so it can be found quickly and efficiently.

Data classification is the process of sorting and categorizing data into various types, forms or any other distinct class. Data classification is a diverse process that involves various methods and criteria for sorting data within a database or repository.

Why Lionbridge?

Lionbridge makes sure all your data is organized, streamlined, and useful for input into your model. There’s no limit to what data you can categorize. Whether you need to categorize product pages, customer support tickets, or sentiment analysis data, we can help. With 500,00 qualified workers on our platform, we can quickly process hundreds of thousands of data rows so your models get the information they need to work in the real world.


With 500,000 workers in 300 languages, we can comfortably keep pace with your needs, no matter the volume.


Professional, accurate and consistent work is completed by certified crowdworkers – always.


We offer clear, competitive pricing depending on the volume and language(s) you need.

Multilingual Data Categorization Services

Lionbridge provides professional data categorization services in 300 languages.

Some of our most popular languages include:

  • Chinese data categorization
  • Dutch data categorization
  • French data categorization
  • German data categorization
  • Italian data categorization
  • Japanese data categorization
  • Portuguese data categorization
  • Spanish data categorization
Customer case study

For Crowdworks, this Tokyo-based crowdsourcing service, we looked at specific comment threads exported from social news aggregator, web content rating, and discussion website, Reddit, and picked the three most important replies from each thread.